Quantity of the interview

At first this is because the quantity of the interview that can be released includes a limit. These the pages that are published if is a broadcast time, a magazine if is TV; is set a limit. The published example does not have little whole sentence either, but an interview has to edit an interview until it becomes the quantity that I can publish recently. In addition, I change incomprehensible expression without just riding the contents of the interview when I clear it with quantity.


As an example, I include redundant expression. “No, such as whether, well, is called what ……” if is a part having nothing to do with the answer of the interview, the expression often cuts it. Of course I may leave it when I direct, “a respondent is at a loss for words”. In addition, I edit the part concerned when a respondent gives some kind of instructions to me during an interview.

Tone of the person to interview

A tone, the tone of the person to interview is important. I am honest, and the interviewer posing an important, severe question openly appeals to audience, but is not attractive on the side receiving questioning. It will become difficult for the interviewer who came to be performed reputation of if aggressive to have a target person accept an interview soon. The aggressive interviewed target person often censors talks. When the investigation journalist who became famous does not use the false excuse, I may not take an interview out of a target person. On the contrary, the interviewer who always does only a “soft” question may lose the respect of the audience and the co-worker.

As for the ideal interview, a meeting-type. Many newspaper publishers provide that they specify so it in the case of the answer by a phoner and the E-mail to a reporter.

Interview for evaluations

The thing performed by the interview for evaluations best is an interview between an employer and applicants in case of a job interview namely the employment. The purpose of the interview is to judge whether you have a social skill and the intellectual ability that an applicant can meet a job. Similar interview (interview) is subscription for entrance examination and scholarships, but is performed.

In most developed countries, a rule and the rule that what may hear in such an interview are maintained in corporate society. It is said that you should not do a highly personal question and the question irrelevant on work, and the question to be connected for discrimination is similar. It is said that the shortness of around 15 minutes is enough for such an interview (you intend to do whether you are married, or where are you from?), but the interview for a few days exists at longer time, too.

The interview for other evaluations is a thing for psychological evaluations.